microBean Helm: Using Maven Repositories

About half a year ago, I wrote microBean Helm, a port of the Helm ecosystem to Java.  I was motivated in part to do this by the recognition that Helm chart repositories could be seen as fledgling, partial implementations of Maven repositories.  What if a Maven repository ecosystem—complete with caching, mirroring and all the rest—could be used as a chart repository?

I’m proud to introduce microBean Helm Maven Integration, a project that implements an AbstractChartResolver in terms of Maven’s repository ecosystem.

The MavenRepositoryChartResolver class will produce a Java object representing a Helm chart in memory from Maven repository coordinates, resolving it if necessary from a remote Maven repository, taking into account a user’s .m2/settings.xml file.  From there, it can be plugged into the other Helm-related tooling in the microBean Helm ecosystem.


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