microBean Helm v2. released

I’m pleased to announce version of the microbean-helm project: a toolkit in Java for working with Helm, the Kubernetes package manager.  This release is available from Maven Central.  The Helm version tracked is 2.6.2.

This release adds the ability to write out charts from their Java representations.  This feature joins the ability to read charts from a variety of different sources and to perform operations on the releases they represent, faithfully replicating the business logic contained in the helm binary itself, in addition to taking advantage of the business logic already present in the Tiller server.

This should provide the foundation for a Maven plugin, which I’ll be working on next.


Author: Laird Nelson

Devoted husband and father; working on Helidon at the intersection of Java, Jakarta EE, architecture, Kubernetes and microservices at Oracle; open source guy; Hammond B3 player and Bainbridge Islander.

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