MicroBean Grizzly HTTP Server CDI Integration

This is the seventh of a series of posts on some of the personal projects I’ve been working on.  As I hope you’ll see, they all fit together.  The previous post covered MicroBean Jersey Container Grizzly HTTP CDI Integration.  The next post will cover MicroBean Jersey Container Grizzly2 HTTP CDI Extension.

This post covers MicroBean Grizzly HTTP Server CDI Integration.  Its website is here, its source code is here and its binaries are available from Maven Central.

MicroBean Grizzly HTTP Server CDI Integration is a simple, small CDI-related project that provides producer methods for two simple things:

That’s it.

To install MicroBean Grizzly HTTP Server CDI Integration, place it on your classpath.

This project on its own is, of course, not very interesting.  But it arranges for some of the raw materials of Grizzly to be made available to CDI injection points, mostly with the assumption that they will be used byMicroBean Jersey Container Grizzly HTTP CDI Integration.  Obviously, if you want to go about supplying instances of these objects in some other way, simply do not put MicroBean Grizzly HTTP Server CDI Integration on the classpath and use your own producer methods instead.

In the next post, we’ll look at MicroBean Jersey Container Grizzly2 HTTP CDI Extension, which will tie several of the MicroBean libraries together.


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