MicroBean CDI Utilities

This is the fourth of a series of posts on some of the personal projects I’ve been working on.  As I hope you’ll see, they all fit together.  The previous post covered MicroBean Configuration CDI.  The next post covers MicroBean Main.

This post covers MicroBean CDI Utilities.  Its website is here, its source code is here and its binaries are available from Maven Central.

MicroBean CDI Utilities is a small project as of this writing, but I anticipate that it will grow over time.  Its purview contains general CDI utilities that will no doubt be useful—to me, primarily 😀—for general CDI-related situations, particularly those that arise while making use of the CDI 2.0 Java SE APIs.

To install MicroBean CDI Utilities, place it in your classpath.

The most notable class that it contains as of this writing is AbstractBlockingExtension.  Subclasses will be Extensions that are capable of politely and legally blocking the main CDI container thread in a CDI 2.0 Java SE application.

I’ve written previously about blocking the CDI container from shutting down while still permitting CDI beans to go about their business.  This capability is particularly useful when you want to run a server of some kind from within a CDI environment.

We’ll look at another useful CDI project next: MicroBean Main.


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