Making EclipseLink Logging Play Nice With GlassFish

To get logging working properly with EclipseLink 2.3.2 and GlassFish, you want to configure the actual logging values in GlassFish’s file, not in your META-INF/persistence.xml file.  You have to set two levels (a bit mysterious, as one is a child of the other; setting values on the parent logger should cause them to flow downhill, but for some reason they do not).

Then, to be able to see SQL parameters in the output, you have to set a property in your META-INF/persistence.xml file.

Assuming you have a domain called domain1:

  • Edit $GLASSFISH_HOME/glassfish/domains/domain1/config/ and add the following lines:
    1. org.eclipse.persistence.level = FINE
    2. org.eclipse.persistence.sql.level = FINE
      • The first allows you to see SQL statements.  The second must be set in order for SQL parameters to be seen, but it is not sufficient on its own.
  • In your META-INF/persistence.xml, add the following element as a child of the <properties> element:
    <property name="eclipselink.logging.parameters" value="true"/>

Author: Laird Nelson

Devoted husband and father; working on Helidon at the intersection of Java, Jakarta EE, architecture, Kubernetes and microservices at Oracle; open source guy; Hammond B3 player and Bainbridge Islander.

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